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You can help us change lives around the world by telling
others about Ascend4Life. When they purchase one of our
health-giving products, we say THANK YOU with generous
Loyalty Rewards for you.

Those Rewards give you great DISCOUNTS on your next product order.

FREE to You: CBD,
Moringa and More

It gets better. Your Ascend4Life products can be
completely FREE! Here's how.

Encourage your family and friends to enjoy the
benefits of Ascend4Life's Natural TruHemp CBD
and Moringa.

Once a handful of customers you've recommended
are regularly enjoying Ascend4Life's amazing
products, you'll earn enough Loyalty Rewards to
get your products FREE

Moringa and More

Earn Rewards for yourself...
and for others!

Help Yourself And Others
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Ascend4Life's Breath of Heaven
fund helps pay for food and
shelter for those in need.

Help Yourself
and Others, Too

You can earn Rewards for youself... and for others.
Ascend4Life's Breath of Heaven project makes it easy
for people with limited financial means to receive a
place to live and food to eat.

Every time you add to your own Loyalty Rewards,
Ascend4Life commits additional Loyalty Rewards to its
Breath of Heaven fund. That fund then pays for the
food and shelter for those in need. You're even invited
to sponsor a child of your own to receive the food and
shelter they so desperately need.

Coming Soon!

The App Makes it Easy

So what's the easy wat to share Ascend4Life products with others? Get the
app! Ascend4Life's special app is a great way to spread the word. You just add
your contacts, and we send the message out to your friends. Look for
Ascend4Life at the Apple Store and Google Play.

You can use the app to track your Loyalty Rewards, manage your purchases,
get your discounts, and see your contribution to Breath of Heaven.

Mobile App

Turn Your Loyalty
Rewards into Cash

Once your Loyalty Rewards grow to a modest level, you can
choose between discounts on your Ascend4Life products or
getting paid cash! Check your Ascend4Life app for details.

Want to know more about Loyalty Rewards? The best way is
to earn them! Just share your excitement about Ascend4Life's
products, and you'll soon see how your Rewards mount up,
and the great ways you can enjoy them.

Rewards into Cash
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