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Chronic Pain

I have lived with chronic pain for over 10 years due to a bulge disk on my c-3/ c-4 lumbar, my medical team diagnosed me with lumbar stenosis, spondylosis, degenerative lumbar decease. I’ve been taking pain medication for a long time and honestly not helping much. Since I Started using 500mg dose of TruHemp oil, my pain has been reduced by 85%! No more Norco for me! 

-Connie H.

Pet with Anxiety

My high energy, high anxiety dog was waking us up every night around 2am.... I think it was anxiety... making sure we were still here, and not disappeared... I started giving her 1/2 dropper of 500 mg TruHemp and she started sleeping through the night! Woot woot!

-Liz K.C.

Parkinson's & More!

My mother lives in Alabama and she suffers from Parkinson’s, anxiety, depression, arthritis, and the list continues. I sent her a bottle of 1000mg CBD about a month ago in hopes it would help her. I had a phone conversation with her today that left me speechless. She sounded so collected and she said her Parkinson’s was, “pretty much good!” I have not heard her seem so happy and aware of herself in years.

-Wendy W.

Chronic Pain

I am now pain free ! I sleep all night and wake up feeling rested and clear headed. For more than 5 years , maybe 10 , I had chronic pain in shoulder , neck , arm and pec muscles. It was unbearable, and p t and doctors did not help . I NOW take a dose of 500 mg cbd daily... I literally feel like a new person at 60 years young

-Paula P.

Bursitis Pain

I started taking one dropperful of 250 mg of TruHemp CBD oil per day on Sept 1. In one week, I realized I had no pain from the hip bursitis that had limited every aspect of my active life for over 10 months. The pain left me not only unable to do many of the things I loved, it left me exhausted and frustrated.

-Saralee R.L.

Sciatica Pain

I had sciatica pain. I was in Physical Therapy. The only thing that would provide me relief was stretching for 45 min per day. I don’t have that kind of time! After 5 days of 500mg per day... pain free!!!! Life saver.

-Liz K.C.

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