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When you pick a Package, you automatically become enrolled in our compensation plan.  This is a complete Home Based Business that gives you the opportunity to earn income and enjoy tax write offs.  It is your choice if you take advantage of this or not.

We are here to support your efforts and help you expand your business and secure your household’s financial future. Here are the ways you can get paid.


  • Cash back on cruises on your Personal Booking Engine
  • Income from travel booked as an agent for other people (Platinum Plus)
  • Compensation from expanding your team by sharing the opportunity.
  • Money earned by organizing Group Travel
  • Company wide Special Bonuses and Incentives

We look forward to helping you make your dreams and financial goals a reality.


To strive and be a company you are proud of and are inspired to share with others, knowing you are impacting their lives in a positive way.  We know we are here to serve and impact those attracted to joining us, in ways that enhance their lives financially, professionally and personally.


You are about to make a decision that is
going to change and expand your life.

We are here to support you in all ways
with Trainings, Fam Trips and AN easy to
understand Compensation Plan.

Our success depends on your ability
to succeed in achieving your financial
and experiential goals.

You are not just joining a company, you are joining a community of peers
who are passionate about life and financial freedom.

Becoming A Travel Professional – Part or Full Time!

If you choose our Platinum Plus program, you will be given the training and resources to become a full or part time travel agent and earn up to 60% of the commission generated by a booking.

Like any career this will require focus and commitment but what better way to earn an income than by helping people enhance their lives.  You will also be able to enjoy the many “perks” offered to authentic travel professionals as described below.


What It Means To Be A Specialist

To become a “Specialist” in travel means you have chosen to specialize in being an expert with a company, destination or country.  For instance you could become a South Pacific specialist, a honeymoon specialist, an Ireland specialist or maybe a Carnival cruise line specialist.  Each entity has its our training and specialist certification programs that take usually just a few hours online to obtain.

Once you become a specific specialist then the country or company will offer you steep discounts to experience the product or country so you can effectively share your experience with others and increase bookings to that destination or company.

There is no limit to how many Specialist certifications you can achieve.  Carving out your niche is an effective way to building your reputation and effectiveness as an agent.


What is a FAM Trip and How To Enjoy Them.

A Fam trip is a trip put together by a travel company, cruise line or destination for authentic travel professionals to familiarize them with their destination, ship or product.  There is an endless supply of these extremely discounted trips that you can enjoy.  However you must be an authentic agent enrolled in the Platinum Plus program. 

This program is a partnership with a leading travel company that has been in existence for over 20 years and has cutting edge technology and training.

Fams are so much fun and the “red carpet” is rolled out to ensure agents have a wonderful time and return with enthusiasm to share with their clients.  Fam trips usually include extra perks like cocktail parties, private receptions and VIP entrance admissions to sights and entertainment.



Our Certification program is designed with your success in mind.  We want to make sure you have the tools and training to succeed as a travel professional.  One must always be learning and expanding to stay competitive in the world’s largest industry. 

Learn social media strategies, marketing campaign creations and how to effectively reach your niche market. Plus maximize the AGS team building aspect of the compensation plan.



Become a Platinum Travel Member or choose to become a Home Based Travel Agent with our Platinum Plus Membership!
See the two options below:

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