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Today more than ever, you need to calm your mind
and strengthen your defenses.

Ascend4Life has the perfect solution: a Natural Wellness System that
combines two of nature's most powerful health builders: CBD and Moringa.

TruHemp CBD for
Calm and Comfort

Your body has an entire system that
responds uniquely to CBD, the special oil
extracted from hemp plants. It's called the
endocannabinoid system and it keeps all your
cells in balance.

That's why mental calm and physical comfort
are the two key benefits of using CBD.

With CBD, quality matters! Ascend4Life's
TruHemp CBD is the highest grade you can
findgrown, extracted, processed and
tested in the United States.


Ascend Moringa
for Strength and

Moringa has been described as "nature's multivitamin"
because it packs more nutrients than any other plant, with
all the key vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino
acids that your body needs.

This natural powerhouse is the perfect companion to CBD,
fortifying your body for long-term-health.

With Ascend Moringa, you get the purest possible organic
moringa, for the longest-lasting benefits.

Keto Collagen

Coming Soon!

Manage Your Weight
with Keto Collagen

It's hard to manage your weight when the world is in upheaval!
Ascend4Life has created a delicious daily weight loss
solution just for you.

Ascend Keto Collagen combines hemp protein, organic
moringa and plant-based collagen in one tasty shake.

Meet the challenge of the times with Ascend Keto
Collagen + Ascend Moringa + TruHemp CBD. It's the total
Natural Wellness System to help you thrive


Rewards for Sharing

If you love Ascend4Life's products, you'll enjoy sharing them with others. You can give your
friends a special discount, while you earn Ascend4Life Health Points so you pay lessor
nothing!for your next purchase.


Let Our Experts Guide You

Taking care of your health is never been more
important... or more challenging!

Our team of qualified wellness experts will give you
easy-to-follow programs for eating well, staying active
and maintaining a healthyeven if you have
to stay home.

Big Heart

A Small Company
with a Big Heart

Ascend4Life is a family-oriented company with a mission
to make life better for everyone. As entrepreneurs, parents
and community leaders, our founders have a history of
serving and inspiring others. Their greatest joy is seeing
people thrivein hard times and good times.

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